Dear Club Member

The Club is now planning to offer Club walks during September and October. We have some walk leaders who are willing to give this a try- following national Ramblers guidelines and requirements.

Please note we cannot ‘pick up where we left off’. Covid 19 has changed the way we have to organise ourselves. So, if you think you may be walking with the Club again, please read the rest of this newsletter carefully; [as if you have moved to a new area and are joining a new Club with its own rules].

Sections 1 and 2 below will not apply for the foreseeable future. All prospective new members will be sent the details of the current position and guidance to be followed when club walking is allowed. Prospective members will be able to do a trial walk before becoming a member and the walks co-ordinator will discuss the trial walk when and if club walks are possible.
(1st December 2020)

  1. Club members must judge for themselves, in the light of their own health, what degree of risk they are running if they choose to walk with us in the way this newsletter explains.

  2. Walk numbers on any walk will be limited; the number will be determined by the walk leader after they have recced the walk. The Committee have set an upper limit of 8 households.

  3. Walkers will be responsible for maintain social distance. It is not the job of the walk leader to police this – although reminders may be spoken from time to time. The distance is to be observed during the walk, and at the lunch stop. The lunch stop will be chosen so distance is possible; if churchyards are used, no sharing of benches.

  4. No walkers may share equipment, such as poles.

  5. All walkers should bring their own hand sanitiser.

  6. All walkers should bring a face mask. Masks will not be worn whilst walking, they are a precaution in the event a walk leader needs to get close to a walker to give first aid.

  7. Walk leaders will choose walks to reduce the chance of meeting other walkers; so

    1. Good size car park

    2. Avoid well-known ‘named’ trails

    3. Avoid routes with too many narrow sections

But the risk of coming across other people cannot be eliminated altogether.

  1. Walks will begin at the start location notified by the leader, NOT the War Memorial [ unless it is a local walk].

So some walks will require you to travel by car. A post code, grid reference and brief directions will be given after you have been allocated a place.

Car sharing will not be arranged by the Club. If you wish to share a car, read the UK Government advice before deciding whether to do so.

  1. NO CLUB MEMBER SHOULD WALK IF THEY HAVE SYMPTOMS OF COVID. Pull out if you develop symptoms.

  2. If symptoms develop after the walk, members MUST go for testing, and must notify the Club before and after testing.

So, that is how the walks will be run. If you are happy with that, read on to see how to apply for a walk place.

Your Committee and volunteer leaders have thought long and hard about how to allocate places in a way that is reasonably fair, but does not create a huge administrative task. This is the [low-tech] way we will do it for September and October. We will take feedback during those two months and reflect on it.

  1. Leaders will email their walk to Sally Church, who will email all members. The walk details will be:-

Date, and a.m or p.m walk

Walk length/gradient

General area

Lunch or snack details

[ Note :The precise location of parking and start time will not be given at this stage.]

The walk leaders email and phone numbers are set out below, but will be repeated in the email.

  1. Walkers should then email to seek a place.

Please try to avoid ringing, as it is unfair to expect walk leaders to take multiple calls. If you can’t email and do have to ring, walk leaders will try to take your call might it might go to voicemail. If so, please leave a full message. Do not simply leave a message asking the Leader to ring you back!

  1. Walk leaders will take first come first served on their 1st walk, but keep a note of those who wanted to join but missed the cut.

  2. Walk leaders will disclose the walk start location and time at this stage.

  3. For that walk leaders 2nd walk, they will aim to give preference to those people who ‘missed the cut’ for the first walk. They will be told of the date of that 2nd walk ahead of the wider circulation via Sally Church.

  4. For the walk leaders third walk, will be ‘first come first served’

  5. For the walk leaders 4th walk, those who missed the cut for walk 3 will be given advance notice.

  6. Walk Leaders contact details:

Sue Belchamber – email: , mobile: 07821178113, landline: 01323 873579

Sally Church – email:, mobile: 07743762667, landline: 01273 517673

Keith Ford – email:, mobile: 07472930289, landline: 01323-873209

Flora Richards – email:, landline: 01323423882

Tony Rowswell – email:, landline: 01323351371

Cherry Tappenden – email:, mobile: 07534143499, landline: 01323890500

This should take us through to end October when we will review the arrangements. Club members will of course be free to make comments as each walk proceeds, either to the Leader or to the Committee.

30th August 2020

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