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Hon. Secretary

Sally Church

01273 517673


1. The initial meeting place for all ramblers will be the War Memorial, Sutton Park Road,

Seaford, unless otherwise specified. Members from outside Seaford and others going direct to the starting point of the walk must inform the Leader by phone of their intention so that they can be told of any change in the arrangements. In the case of inclement weather, the decision as to whether a walk starts is entirely a matter for the leader.

2. When members cars are used to convey people on rambles please comply with the following:

(a) Passengers should bring a change of footwear and carry their dirty boots home in a carrier bag.

(b) They should contribute to the cost of the petrol and car park charges. The leader will tell you the contribution due which is according to a scale agreed by the membership.

(c) Will members who have cars please bring them to the War Memorial for use if required. Having filled sufficient cars, any not required can be left near the War Memorial until we return. We do not want to leave anybody behind due to lack of transport.

(d) Should a car and any passengers that have already assembled at Seaford fail to reach the start point of the walk within fifteen minutes of the other cars, then the Walk Leader may set off without further delay.

3. Members should phone the leader for permission to bring a dog. Dogs must be kept on a lead when crossing fields with livestock and on roads.

4. Fitness and Suitable Clothing While age is not a factor, a degree of fitness is essential, appropriate to the length and duration of the walk and the degree of difficulty specified (see Abbreviations in Programmes below).

(a) Footwear: Walking boots are the normal footwear. In wet, muddy conditions, wellingtons with a rugged sole may be appropriate. Sandals and trainers are seldom satisfactory.

(b) Winter clothing: Waterproof jackets/trousers - sufficient warm clothing (we advise several thin layers rather than one thick layer), hats, scarves and gloves. Denim is unsuitable as it retains water is then heavy and cold.

(c) Summer clothing: Sun protection should be taken, i.e. hat, suncream. Remember that protection against nettles and briars may be essential as well as protection against ticks.

5. Food and Drink:

Members should carry plenty of water. We advise at least 1 litre , more in hot weather.

Bring a Packed Lunch or Snack where indicated.

Members should never produce flasks nor consume their own food in Public House premises or grounds.

6. Health:

Please ensure you are fit enough to cope with the walk. If you have a health problem which requires you to stop to take medication/food, please inform the Leader in confidence before the walk. If you have any underlying health problem which may impair your walking ability, you must inform the Walk Leader before the walk begins. It is then the Leader’s prerogative whether to allow you to undertake the walk.

Walk Leaders will always carry First Aid items on every walk. We do however suggest that members may wish to have with them such items as glucose tablets, plasters and a tube of antiseptic cream.

7. Members are asked to co-operate with the Leader by keeping up with the party, but behind

the Leader who, when necessary, will appoint a "Back Marker". In woods, mist etc. it is important to keep the party closer together. Leaders should set a pace suitable to the members present. Members should be sure to be in sight of the person in front and behind at all times.

It is extremely rare that anybody gets lost on our walks. But should you find yourself on your own, you should stay where you are. The Leader will send a search party back along the route to collect you. If you have wandered off they won't be able to find you.

8. New Members are most welcome to join us at the assembly point. It is recommended that they do a short walk with us initially unless they are fit and experienced walkers. After completing this walk they are welcome to join the Club and will be asked to pay the Annual Membership Subscription (renewable annually on 1st January) to the

Hon.Membership Secretary, Seaford Rambling Club, Mrs Sheila Roberts,

10 Elgin Gardens, Seaford BN25 3UR. Tel. 01323 894716

A copy of the Membership Application Form may be found on the website:

9. Seaford Rambling Club and its Leaders do not accept ANY RESPONSIBILITY for

claims arising from the activities of the club, but the club does have Public Liability Insurance cover.

10. Abbreviations in Programmes

BDS – Bring Drink and Snack BPLD - Bring Packed Lunch and Drink

C - Car; B – Bus; W – Walk from start; T – Train, meet at Station

– Easy: slowish walk, minimal slopes. M – Moderate: Easy walking with slopes but nothing too formidable. H – Hard: Hilly walking. V – Very steep, rugged and hilly.

FW – Family walks: Children of 7 years and upwards who can walk the distance may come on the walk accompanied by a responsible adult who is a club member.

Advertised return times, mileage and grades of walks are as accurate as possible but serve only as a guide and cannot be guaranteed.

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